Little Guilt

Originating from Mandurah, a coastal town an hour south of Perth, Little Guilt is Ella Melton, Joe Knowles, Lachlan Thomson, Brady Keirnan and Jarrod Rumble. Beginning in early 2021, they draw inspiration from artists such as Angus and Julia stone, Middle Kids, Ball Park Music and Men I Trust.

Their sound is awash with the familiarity of suburbia – creating a foundation of observational lyricism that zooms in on the vignettes of the everyday. They remind us of the tenderness of existence and make us feel inextricably bound to the human experience through gentle and carefree music. Having released there debut EP in late 2022 ‘I Do Everything Around the House’, as well as their latest single ‘The Idiot Indside” in June of this year; the band want to build on their momentum and sound going forward in 2024 with another EP that has a brand new feel.

Known for there uplifting and unique stage presence, the band is determined to expand their reach towards the eastern states, and in doing so, develop a live performance that encapsulates audiences from all walks in life.