Hey! Astro

‘Hey! Astro’ is the moniker of Owen Elepano, a prolific 19 yo Filipino/Italian artist from the Central Coast of NSW, Australia. He began his musical journey back in 2017, writing diss tracks against his classmates in friendly schoolyard battles in the suburbs of Sydney. The creative process sparked something deeper in Astro, and he began taking songwriting more seriously; influenced by pop megastars, Japanese anime, and the moody, melodic rappers of the SoundCloud generation.

He’s been writing songs by finding beats on YouTube and then recording his vocal melodies over them and in doing so, has developed an impressive knack for melody writing and performing. On the 25th of February 2022, Hey! Astro’ will be released his debut single, ‘Birthday’ a tight pop gem that’s laced with his hip hop influences and tongue in cheek lyricism. ‘Birthday’ is the first taste of his forthcoming 10 track project due later in 2022. Owen is currently working at KFC and driving Deliveroo but with any luck this year will see him hang up the fryer and paper bags.