Dorsal Fins

Dorsal Fins is the brainchild of Melbourne’s busiest musician/composer – Liam McGorry (Saskwatch / Eagle and the Worm). The band was originally envisaged as a ‘studio-only’ project, however, fortunately for us the temptation to step on the stage was too great.

After delivering a 12” ‘Gripless’ in 2014, Their debut LP ‘Mind Renovation’ was recorded in a week of 40+ degree days last summer. Inspired by the limitations of recording and mixing an album in a week, and with a essence on collaboration with mates and musical idols; the album is an eclectic’s wet dream.

Channeling the type of erratic yet deliberate outfits like heroes Javelin, and The Avalanches; ‘Mind Renovation’ pinballs around the musical spectrum from disco to electro pop, psych rock with some delicate ballads – all glued together with the dual swoonable vocal prowess of frontpeope – Jarrad Brown & Ella Thompson.

Dorsal Fins have also developed into something of a live favourite, playing shows alongside bands like The Cat Empire & Saskwatch, and being a highlight at festivals like Boogie and NYE on the Hill.