Cap Carter

My mum taught me how to love ballads, but she left when I was 10. When I moved into Dad’s house he banned music just because it reminded him of Mum. When the voice came out it came out raging because it was suppressed for a long time.

Relapse was written in pretty much one of my darkest periods, I was just in such a dark spot – I thought I was done. That song was supposed to be almost like an exit song… There had been instances where I have been writing and I can’t tell whether it’s destructive or healing, but for the most part, in the last few months leading up to this project, I felt it’s healing. And I felt like it’s a lot of light.

I can’t write anything that’s not lived.

  • Manila born, Australian raised from Western Sydney
  • Relapse is debut single on Island / Republic after gaining attention through a self-released original version
  • Distinctive voice and lyrics see Cap Carter creating a unique space in the modern music industry
  • Singer- songwriter writing from his own lived experience