Stevie Jean

One time when Stevie Jean was 8, her mum was away and gave Dad strict instructions to have the kids in bed by 8. When she arrived home at midnight, Mum almost ran them over as they lay on their backs blasting Led Zeppelin to the stars. Drawing from influences like the Doors, the Black Keys and early Lana Del Rey – and at just 18 years old – Stevie performs with strength and maturity. Boasting “a voice that you have to hear” (Dom Alessio) and a talent that “shines with strength” (Richard Kingsmill), Stevie has already made an impressive debut onto the Australian music scene. Her single ‘Hell in Every Religion’ took her to the Top 5 of Triple J’s Unearthed High competition and netted her a nomination for NT’s Best Live Voice at the 2017 National Live Music Awards, she has just received the same nomination for 2018.

Her new single “Estranged” was released on October 19th.