Sunshine Coast brothers Tim and Sam Aitken learned their instinctive ‘Pop logic’ from the streets. Despite their years (Tim, 21 and Sam, 18) they have spent the last 9 years developing a reputation as one of the Sunny Coast`s hardest working acts.

Their strong connection to pop musics version of  ‘the Coal Face’ throughout their younger years eventually paid dividends. In 2017 their band Sametime was signed to a long term publishing deal with Sony/ATV. Sametime now release on their own label, Duckfeet Records and are currently working hard and smart with some of Australia`s best producers to carve out their own distinctive pop sound.

Aspirations for 2021 have been to play as many live shows as possible (lockdowns permitting)…so far so good including a fantastic 3 act touring show called Electric Farmers Club along with their close collaborators Sellma Soul and Sailing In Space. Sametime are about to release a new single and a 5 track EP which tells of the ecstatic uppers and brutal downers of youthful hedonism.