Rancid Eddie

EXT: We find singer Jessy Kelly, dressed in bogan workout gear, running in slow motion through a trail in the thick Aussie woods, singing his song, and smoking a cigarette. CUT

No scene in Rancid Eddie’s debut video for “Here We Go Again” best embodies the ethos of the band: We got out of bed and got dressed – what more do you want?

We may be in an age of pop icons and supergroups, but Rancid Eddie is blissfully unaware. Instead they are immersed deep in the sound of a recently bygone era where the notion of programmed drums was anathema.

Rancid Eddie, who’s moniker stemmed from the fact that Eddie is “just a dirty bloke,” was formed last year by 5 high school kids from the southeastern Melbourne suburb of Mount Waverley amidst a pile of crushed-up beer cans and cigarette butts. They uploaded some demos so their friends could sing along at shows. The tracks were hanging around online with just a handful of plays and the band didn’t think much of it

Meanwhile , on the other side of the world, Gabe Saporta (Cobra Starship) was driving his two year old son down Hollywood Blvd, and wanting to introduce his spawn to punk rock, said “Hey Siri, play ‘Here We Go Again’ by Rancid.” Unfortunately, Rancid doesn’t have a song called “Here We Go Again,” but as fate would have it, Siri made the happy mistake of responding: “OK, Here’s ‘Here We Go Again’ by Rancid Eddie.”The song grabbed him right away, and when his two year old son (who spoke all of twenty words at the time) started singing along by the second chorus, Gabe knew he found something special.

Their debut single, “Here We Go Again,” was co-produced by ex-Portugal, The Man member Noah Gersh, and 30 Seconds to Mars producer, Jamie Reed (also known by their artist project PartyBaby).

Through his buddies in The Delta Riggs, Gabe connected Rancid Eddie to director James Adams (who in addition to shooting The Riggs has worked with Kasabian, Mac Demarco and Wolf Mother). Adams and the band spent two days tearing up Eddie’s mom’s bush property in Nagambie (4 hours from Melbourne) on ATV’s and a beat up station wagon, steering from the roof and hanging out the windows; riding dirt bikes through the woods, and throwing rocks into an abandoned gold mine. All these shots were captured by James and intercut with a slow- mo performance of singer Jessy Kelly – who happened to be running, singing, and smoking a dart all at once.