In a whirr of charming positivity, uplifting passion and simple beauty, Horrorshow deliver a breath-of-fresh-air in their new EP ‘Good Problems’.

“I made a trade off, swapped out my stress and blocked out the noise, now I’m bout to take off”

With the opening song on the new EP ‘Good Problems’, Horrorshow set the tone: the search for a silver lining is an important way of navigating any adversity. It may be true that ‘it is what it is’ but there’s joy within that acceptance.

Like learning the marks on someone’s skin and listening to the stories that made them (‘Take It Slow’), like enjoying your favourite cup of tea with a friend (‘Yours and Mine’) and reminiscing on moments with your old besties who you first caught a buzz with (‘My Friend’), Horrorshow hone in on the simple things that are often the key to happiness.

Kid Solo explains, “I feel like the last few years have been so tough for us all, but even in dealing with massive upheaval and change we’ve found lots to be thankful for, from new things that we never would have done or considered to things that were right under our nose the whole time.”

Writing and recording the EP with friends 18YOMAN ( Kid Cudi, Lil Nas X), LEN20, Jono Graham (leftprojects), and Finbar Stuart (Maina Doe, Agung Mango, Nerve) saw a new R’n’B/Soul landscape blossom throughout this EP. An environment of writing and connecting with friends also inspired the feeling of togetherness on this EP and is reflected in the heartfelt lyrics.

Kid Solo expands, “The connection that comes through communicating with friends, family and partners is vital. After the last few years I feel like we could all use a mood lift and some good news so I’m looking forward to injecting a bit of positivity into people’s ears.”

Taking this optimistic buzz on the road, Horrorshow will be touring Australia throughout the next couple of months, finally connecting with fans IRL. Announcing the national tour support Jannah Beth as well as Mason Dane, Flewnt, Khi’leb and more, helping create a life affirming night of live music.

With so much more music under their belts to share this year, you may also be lucky to hear tunes from the next project which isn’t far away at all