Born in ’95, us twins spent the first six years of our lives in Zimbabwe. During that time we were too young to comprehend the political climate of our country, the economy was steady deteriorating, living standards were very poor and by ’98 unemployment was at almost 50%. Not the ideal place our dad wanted to raise five children, so we made the move to New Zealand.

We grew up and spent the majority of our adolescence on the east side of Auckland. Life was always pretty normal – hanging out with friends, skateboarding, getting up to no good…just being kids. Though music has always been an integral part of our lives we never thought we’d make it a profession. Before that we just wanted to be professional skateboarders. It was only in 2012 when we wrote a piss-take diss song about our rival high school – it took off so much we thought why not just keep it going. From there it was no looking back.

We signed up to the nearest audio engineering school we could find in order for us to have a basic understanding and knowledge of how to navigate the industry, the real groundwork began when it was time to build networks following our studies. This meant lots of nights out doing what we do best… schmoozing, boozing and rocking stages!! We teamed up with well known Auckland DJ & taste maker Mac Mylo to form artist collective ‘ Died In ‘69 ‘. We played everywhere from the dirtiest nightclub dungeons to the biggest festival stages NZ has to offer. Our high energy, crowd pleasing performances left countless lasting impressions on fans and industry people alike.

Fast forward to 2019 – We’ve done the groundwork and we’ve got the tunes. If we can rock a stage we can throw a party.. Time for the next saga which is eleven7four (1174).

To be continued…