Dorsal Fins

Melbourne’s cult pop-mystiques, Dorsal Fins are back after an extended stay in the musical wilderness. 5 years on from their most recent release, they’re back with new record Star of the Showout in early 2022. Rising from the Hope/Ovens Street studio mile of Brunswick, the Fins have recently peeled back from the epic cast of 9 mates, entrusting band’s songwriting trinity, Liam McGorry, and co-vocalists aka The-Twin-Tweaks Ella Thompson and Jarrad Brown to navigate a kaleidoscopic bag of sun soaked horns, love-puddle funk, and brat-pop night moves.

Soak up a splash of fresh Fins magic with epic new single Sugar. An ecstatic song about instant gratification… the sugar hit, that social media like, that sweet online purchase. It’s Dorsal Fins meets Sesame Street with Wah-Wah Trumpet, a Bass Clarinet Choir, washed-out Wurlitzers, a funky beat, and a classic double dare co-lead from Jarrad and Ella bringing a big-fins-energy to this long overdue new cut. Dorsal fins bring their new music to life with a fresh live show for some special gigs this November.